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Lighting and Shade Control

A lighting control system provides aesthetic benefits, energy savings, enhanced security, and convenience. It adds the finishing touch to architectural elements and interior design. Proper dimming can bring out a softer illumination from the light source, whether it's a recessed fixture, cove lighting, or floor lamp. Removing the harshness of full illumination flatters facial character and light switches can be replaced by a single keypad; enhancing the beauty of the room by reducing wall clutter. Dimming a light fixture significantly reduces energy use, lowering your monthly electric bill. In addition, lamp life is greatly extended, keeping toxic materials out of landfills and saving the cost and hassle of frequent lamp replacement. Nobody should come home to a dark house. With a lighting control system, you can remotely light up your entryway and turn on an interior scene. When you are away, a vacation mode can simulate your light usage patterns, giving the appearance that someone is home. A wall-mounted keypad provides one- touch access to your lighting scenes and pathways, allowing you to conveniently set the mood for an evening of entertaining. When the evening is over, one button can light a pathway to your room. When you're ready to call it a night, one button can turn off all the lights and trigger an automation system to turn off the house music, TVs, adjust thermostats, and arm a security system. Lighting control maximizes your investment in lighting, providing enhanced beauty, ambiance, energy savings, security, and convenience. 

Motorized window shades and draperies provide convenient, automated control of natural light throughout the home, using beautiful fabrics to enhance the décor.

Motorized window treatments provide aesthetic benefits, energy savings, enhanced privacy, protection from I-JV rays, and convenience. Motorization options are available for a wide variety of window treatments. Shades and drapes appearance of your home, adding the finishing touch to architectural and design elements. You may choose from a broad selection of beautiful fabric styles and colors created especially for the interior design community. Motorized window treatments help to reduce energy usage by allowing residents to manage solar gain.

They provide privacy and help to protect furnishings by filtering out damaging sunlight while preserving the view. You can combine a motorized shade and a drapery track for the same window, allowing varying levels of filtration for different situations. A dual roller shade can also accomplish this, using one roller for a blackout shade and the other for a sheer shade with the desired level of light filtration. The treatments can be automated based on time of day, occupancy, or sunlight levels. Motorized shades can slowly lower as the sun sets, accurately tracked for every season by an astronomic clock.

They can be controlled from mobile devices or wall-mounted keypads. Integration with a home automation system would allow the shades to be part of a whole-house scene that turns off the lights, sets the thermostat, arms the security system, and closes all the shades and drapes.


The Control & Automation system includes the products, user interfaces, & programming to integrate and simplify control of various electronic systems throughout the home.

There are many electronic technologies incorporated into a modern home to provide services that are essential to your comfort and convenience. They each have their own unique controls and user interfaces. A properly designed Control and Automation system can improve your enjoyment of these systems by providing a simple, unified interface to control them. Each home is different, and H&H

Lifestyles custom-designs a version of our proprietary user interface to provide you with the simplest possible means of controlling music, media systems, lighting, motorized shades, HVAC, pools, sprinklers, energy monitoring, and more. Many of the controls provided by the manufacturers of these systems are an unsightly addition to the décor. With a Control and Automation system, these controls can be installed out of sight and their functionality can be incorporated onto the same touchscreen that addresses lights, music, and other systems.

This reduces wall clutter and provides added convenience. The power and convenience of an integrated control system is demonstrated by combining control of multiple subsystems onto a single button press. For example, pressing an "away" button can turn off lights, TVs, music, adjust your thermostats, and set the alarm. Some systems, like motorized shades and outdoor lighting, can be timer controlled using an internal clock that tracks seasonal variations in sunrise/sunset times. H&H Lifestyles will apply decades of experience to show you how to improve your command of technology and the convenience it affords.


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