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Control 4 System

Control everything in your home. No matter where you roam.

Mobility and interaction. Smartphones, smart tablets, smart TVs, texts, email, and the internet. Technology connects us instantly to each other, our work and the world.

So why not our homes?

Home control systems from H&H Lifestyles puts instant access to home management and monitoring precisely where it belongs: wherever you are.
Our simple to use, intuitive systems give you connection and control of the things that matter most. Whether you're home, at your desk or on the go, our interactive smart home systems let you monitor your property and manage its components and systems from anywhere. Watch live interior/exterior video feeds, check the status of your security system, adjust thermostats, turn off/on lights and your audio/video systems and much more. All from your 
smartphone, tablet, computer or TV screen.
Highly skilled H&H technicians will help you determine the customized home control system that fits your needs and budget, from a few things to everything.

Smarthome Control Systems

  • UL-listed, 24-hour central station monitoring
  • professional system configuration and installation
  • highly customized to meet specific needs and budgets
  • simple, intuitive design and use
  • remote access and control via smartphone, tablet, laptop
  • in-home control via touch screens, tv screen, phone, tablets, desktop computers
  • email and text alerts
  • save on homeowners insurance